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HD Premium wristbands shipped to SriLanka Customer

HD Premium wrist bands
(premium security wrist band)

Application : ID solution / security /Crowd Controller /safety

*HD premium wristbands can be printed with logo, texts, image, pattern, barcode, QR code, serial numbers etc.
* 100% Waterproof - guaranteed to stay on in water.
* Eco-friendly recyclable material.
* Strong adhesive closure - Non Transferable.
* Secure tamper-resistant.
* Adjustable to any size wrist and comfortable to wear.
* Adhesive with unique die cut guards against transfer.
* Bright colors, easy to identify

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Contact: Wendy Xu

Phone: +86-15861152591

Tel: +86-15861152591


Add: ZhengLu Town,Tianning District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China

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