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200,000pcs thermal paper barcode id wristband ready to ship our Saudi Arabia customer

Bar code wristband is mainly used for identification of patients, mothers and infants.This can be done through the hospital's “HIS”system of patient information management ,generate the key words with the relevant information of the patient to one dimensional code or two dimensional code.It is printed on the wrist band and worn on the patient's wrist. The nursing staff can scan the band to read the patient's information through PDA, scanning gun or other relevant bar code identification devices.

Bar code wristband can not only reduce the operating burden of nursing staff;Also solve handwriting wrist band font irregular, easy to wipe and other related disadvantages;The most important is: the bar code wristband for patients' condition privacy has played an absolute protection role.At the same time, a wristband can realize the full identification of prescription writing, payment, taking medicine, infusion and so on.



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